Nutritional value

・ The reason why tears come out when cutting onions is due to the tear gas component called "allyl sulfide".

This "allyl sulfide" changes into a component called "allicin" in the body, and works for blood smoothing effect, arteriosclerosis prevention / improvement, cancer prevention, etc.

・ Vitamin B1 contained in onions is absorbed more efficiently by allicin and can work more efficiently.

Vitamin B1 is a nutrient that has a fatigue recovery effect because it activates energy metabolism and decomposes fatigue substances.

・ The skin and body of onions contain a nutritional component called "quercetin".

"Quercetin" is abundant in brown onion skin, and works to prevent cancer, prevent arteriosclerosis, lower cholesterol, boost immunity, etc.

If you expose the onion to the sun for about a week, the amount of quercetin will increase.


Main nutrients / functional ingredients: allicin, quercetin, vitamin B1, potassium


Storage period and storage method


・ Refrigerate or normal temperature ・ ・ ・ Storage period: Approximately 1 to 2 months

When storing at room temperature, hang it in a well-ventilated place or store it in a paper bag.

Store in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator during hot weather. If it is about to be used, wrap it and use it up in 2.3 days. ‥

・ Freezing ・ ・ ・ Storage period: Approximately 1 month

Cut it into a size that is easy to use, drain it well, and then freeze it. (Whether it is raw or boiled ◎)

When using it, it is better to cook it with soup instead of salad.

Bean knowledge

・ The absorption rate of "Allicin" increases when heated. The absorption rate will increase if you chop it into smaller pieces or grate it.

"Allicin" is water-soluble and dissolves when exposed to water, so we recommend cooking with soup.

・ If you eat quercetin with oil, the absorption rate will increase.

The onion skin can be used for vegetable bouillon and tea. Let's use it without throwing it away!




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