Bitter gourd

Nutritional value

・ Bitter gourd is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is originally sensitive to heat, but bitter gourd vitamin C is resistant to heat and is not easily broken.

・ The bitterness of bitter gourd is due to ingredients such as "momordecine". This ingredient has the effect of promoting the secretion of gastric juice.

If the digestion of food is promoted by gastric juice, an appetite-promoting effect can be expected. It is the best ingredient even when you have no appetite.

In addition, it has various functions such as blood smoothing effect and cancer prevention.

-It is also rich in β-carotene, which has an antioxidant effect, vitamin B1, which is effective in relieving fatigue, and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron.

It is an ingredient that is useful for boosting immunity, preventing cancer, anti-aging, and preventing all lifestyle-related diseases.


Main nutrients / functional ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, β-carotene, calcium, iron, folic acid, potassium, dietary fiber, momordecine


Storage period and storage method


・ Refrigerate ・ ・ ・ Storage period: Approximately 2 weeks

Put it in a bag or airtight container so that it will not dry, and store it in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.


・ Freezing ・ ・ ・ Storage period: Approximately 1 month

Cut it into a size that is easy to use, drain it well, and then freeze it.

When using it, it is recommended to drain it and make it into a spicy sauce or stir-fry.

Bean knowledge

・ Many people may be concerned about the bitterness of bitter gourd. The bitterness component of bitter gourd is abundant in the uneven part on the outside.

This bitterness is the nutrition itself, but if you are not good at it, take the bitterness and eat it deliciously.

(How to remove bitterness)

① Slice thinly → ② Knead salt and sugar → ③ After leaving for about 10 minutes, squeeze the water

Bitter gourd



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