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Why Choose The Fresh
Our main concept is to comprehensively support the health of our customers, not only to sell the ingredients for one dine. We promise to create your health and beauty, now, and in the future.
Our fruit and vegetable are guaranteed Fresh. Organic food Great for your health.
Health and Beauty
Natural fruits and vegetables that are free of chemicals are rich in nutrients and vitamins and support your body's growth, health and beauty.
Safe and Fresh
Safe, hygienic and fresh, high quality vegetables are perfect for your health.
Organic and pesticide free cultivation, we don’t use chemical products, so vegetables grow up by themselves strongly.
Delivery Service
Good service, provide confidence and trust to customers. Free Delivery service throughout Phnom Penh.
Japan Quality
Greenhouse, Equipment, materials, fertilizer, seeds of THE Fresh are all managed by Japanese technology and brand. Farm of vegetables are produced by all Japanese products in Cambodia.